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A Cry for Peace ©

(The Crime of War)

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

Against the bombs and the terror,
The world awaits - holding deep breath;
Hoping to hear a peace-maker,
Avoiding war - the smell of death.

Across the Earth a human tide
Spoke in one voice like a tenor.
A cry for peace against his pride;
The sound of the liberator.

Few leading minds have lost their souls.
If hope exists amidst the stars,
He must swap peace for what he owns -
The signature of history's scars.

Humanity in a divide
Must not forget the inspectors!
The round table where the knights hide
Afraid to watch like spectators.

A show of force, powder and guns.
Empty war heads in the White House,
Ordering death - pressing buttons.
The sordid game of cat and mouse!

Who can forget the dictators?
Mr Pinochet flew home free.
Escaping justice in tatters,
Is there some Black Gold in Chile?

Give the weapons of Liberty,
The keys of brotherhood and trust
To the oppressed - the Iraqi.
The crime of war is our disgust.

Where is your wisdom and honour?
Liberty cries at your failure;
The use of force spills the horror -
The mass of eyes you cannot lure.

Have you lost faith and dignity?

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