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A Daughter's Lament for Nell ©

Caroline M King
Queensland, Australia

When our lord, my mother's hand did take,
so rent my soul with pain I ache.
My sorrowed heart within does cry,
her name upon my lips I sigh.

My mother's love I do remember dear,
clasped me to her bosom in night-times fear.
She soothed my brow with her gentle calm,
and kept me safe from fate's cruel harm.

'Twas stole from me, her bonny grace,
never more to see her shining face.
Or hear her words of wisdom often spoke,
nor mend my spirit when it broke.

With flowery token rare, I said goodbye.
Oh, how my sorrowed heart did cry.
Heavy, the tears I let them fall unhindered,
as my bonny Nell, to heaven's gate ascended.

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