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A Love For Thee ©

Chantal Perron
Aylmer, Canada

When I fell into a deep dream,
You are the first face which appears near by,
The more I dream, the more I see you,
Trying harder to reach your hands.

I do not see you long enough
To know that you could be the one,
Therefore, something about you,
Makes my heart go wild and my knees shake.

Why do I dream of thee?

Once again, reality comes back,
I search for you everywhere,
Thinking that you could be real,
Being the missing piece of my puzzle.

I turn my life all around,
Pushing all the other guys away,
I do not want to love another,
For I will wait for you in my dreams.

Why do I feel for thee?

After all this time,
I come to realize something horrible,
I've fallen in love with you now,
I do not see you in my dreams, but in reality.

You push me away, calling me names,
You tell me you love me just to sleep with me,
I sit in my bed to grin and bear,
Crying every night, not even knowing why.

Why didn't I see, thee was just a jerk.

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