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Ruth Ramsey
Alloa, Scotland

When I was a boy I would often dream
To play 'footie' for my favourite team

But dreams move on and I went on to say
"Dad, I'm going into the army one day."

My dream came true when I got older
I was going to be a real Scottish soldier

My parents were 'chuffed' when I stood there all dressed
In my Highlander Uniform, all brushed up and pressed

I'd march up and down then smile and say
"I'll make you proud of me one day."

The days were long and training hard
But I loved the army so it wasn't that bad

Come home on leave and stay for a while
It was a long journey back but it made my mam smile

I'd go up to the pub with all my old pals
We would laugh and joke and pull a few 'gals'

Then all too soon I was off with my mates
My folks stood and smiled and waved me off at the gates

When the officer came to my home town that day
It was not good news he was bringing your way

He stood tall and still then went on to say
"I'm sorry to tell you, your son's passed away."

It was a sad old day for my wee Scottish town
But please folks don't let my death get you down

I might be away and I know you're all sad
But up here in heaven it's really not bad

As I sit up here on my wee fluffy cloud
I hope you can say "Son, you did us all proud."

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