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A Wisp Of Hair ©

This poem was written for his first wife, who tragically died after 10 days of marriage, during the Spanish 'Flu epidemic in 1919. All that is known of her is that her initials were E.S.L. Such a sad story.

by Clive H. Strover
Victoria, Australia

Just a wisp of hair
In her Bible pressed
Bound with a snow-white band;
From locks that in life
I had often caressed
And smoothed from her brow with my hand.

I loved to fondle
That Glory of Gold;
She liked me to praise it, I know.
It was paradise then
To have and to hold,
Yet she died, just a week ago.

This wisp of fair hair
Is all that remains
Of her that I loved so well.
The plans that we made
Are losses, not gains,
As these severed ends plainly tell.

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