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Baby's got Blue Eyes ©

All three of my babies have blue eyes, my wife, my daughter and lastly my son. This was written for my daughter.

Not all appreciate the simple things in life, nor understand the sacrifice that others have made on their behalf, so that they can enjoy them.

Jim (Jock) Love
Stonehenge, England

He removed her fears,
and wiped away the tears,
as she cuddled and hung on to his neck.

The smile on her face,
matched the glow in his heart.
And he realised how lucky he was.

No one can say,
'twere ever a day,
where he'd never paused for thought.

The thunder rolls,
the rain lashes down,
all the while the dead lie asleep in their beds.

My turn's been,
there's some sights I've seen,
of which I'll never talk.

The breathings shallow,
while she clutches on tight,
to her green one-eyed teddy .

He can still hear them roar,
as he closes the door,
and switches out the light .

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