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Barnaby's Friend ©

(written for my grandson)

Margaret Leith Minter
Victoria B.C., Canada

Barnaby Benjamin Wilberforce Brown
took his friend for a stroll in the centre of town;
pedestrians stared!
policemen were scared!
They climbed up the power poles and wouldn't come down!

Barnaby walked with a nonchalant air
right up to the Townhouse and asked for the Mayor;
the guard at the door
collapsed on the floor
when he saw who was waiting out there on the stair.

Barnaby boarded a number nine bus,
but the passengers made such a terrible fuss!
"There's no room for you
and that monstrous thing too!
He doesn't appear friendly to us!"

"Since nobody likes us, not even the Mayor,"
Barnaby said, "let's show we don't care.
We'll head down the track
and never come back.
They don't realise you're a beautiful bear!"

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