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My heartfelt sympathy goes to all those who have lost loved ones or indeed any and all people affected by this tragic event. I find myself indeed tested when it comes to faith in the almighty, to such an extent as I feel I would be hypocritical to my own conscience to be moved to prayer. I could not pray to a God who sent the waves in the first place, my anger unlike those waves will take some time to subside. Peace...baba

Stewarton, Scotland

When Peter meets them at the gates will he flash embarrassed smiles?
How each of them had played their part as one of God's mosaic tiles
Will Peter blush as he muddles through the Godly Grand Design?
How Man was losing faith in Him and how He had to give a sign

No immaculate conception nor some raising of the dead
No feeding of five thousand but a massacre instead
A proper sign, a wake up call for Man to think about
I am angered Lord, offended, shaking fist and mournful shout

Those who lived will thank you Lord, your mercy and your grace
Families of the victims pray their loved ones gaze upon your face
Those who're unaffected now must question your existence
With such arguments yourself present it's hard to find resistance

Are you the God of butterflies, the rainbow and the snowflake?
Or a vengeful God, no mercy, sending tsunami and the earthquake
The heavenly choir of angels fall silent before assembled ranks and files
When Peter meets them at the gates will he flash embarrassed smiles?

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