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Born In Scotland ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

Somewhere now and always
Sitting by the fire,
A story of old Scotland
Is every Scotís desire?

The moon is bright: the night is cold.
The stories will be forever told:
Childhood days tucked up in bed,
An old patch quilt and stories said.

You are now in the land of dreams
Cuddle up. snuggle in.
The sound of bagpipes
On the wind:

The heather and bluebells
Are coming into bloom,
Iíll remember you forever
My very own bedroom:

The moon in the heavens
Rides high in the night,
The stars from my window
Were ever so bright.

Dancing with phantoms
Across the night sky,
Watching and waiting
The years pass on by.

From the grass lands
The mountains are majestic and tall,
Snow capped in the winter
Heather and all:

If you were born in Scotland
You will have no regrets,
The land and the stories
You will never forget.

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