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Lucia Mussollini
Edinburgh, Scotland

You felt it, I knew but never let on too much
You needed to control it and not have it control you
You said I had 'no idea'
I knew what you were doing
I observed and remained still
Just how brave are you, I wondered
Just how strong are you
I waited, calmly and patiently
At a distance you expressed your urgency abstractly
To your cat - in a lustful night - in a friend
But not fully to me
You were weak and 'not perfect' you kept excusing
Such a human thing to do
I forgive you
You are not alone in your great human weakness
Timing is everything
But next time
Will you allow it to engulf you
And lead you to something more tangible
Something longer lasting
Or use psychological gymnastics to remove you from your beautiful humanity
And miss the beautiful vulnerability of human nature we all share
For a moment?
I am not the one who is scared!

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