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Challenge Life ©

Mystery Rose

I write about pain
I write about sadness
And every once in a while
Happiness happens.

Life isn't easy
This is true
But does life have to be
Difficult or so often full of gloom?

I carry a burden for the world to see
The sadness in my eyes
The fight to go on
One more day this battle to be won

My friend stands with me
She holds me up
I don't know what I'd do
If her ear would turn deaf

Faith in me
Faith in you
Wonder how that is measured
In the temple of doom?

There is something to be said about this life
There is something within us
That won't let us give up or lose sight

I shall move along on this winding road
Looking for answers
Looking for clues
Standing for what is right
And staring at the moon

I want to be able to live life to its best
Bet damn do I have to continue to pass the many tests?
When I fail, does life accept that score?
Oh no, life opens another door

There I find the many opportunities
Life doesn't give me options of pick and choose
I have to walk the walk and in my own shoes.

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