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Christmas Roses ©

Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

Christmas roses left in the snow
A gift from heaven
Sent to earth below
A tender love song
I whisper
In your ear
Angel darling so near
Christmas memories of long ago
Hand in hand together they shall be
A little angel upon a tree
Magical stardust falling in a form of flakes
Crystal moonbeams shine so bright
Love is real and born tonight

Wild like a lonely desert flower
Sweet like honey on red lips
The lake of dreams filled with tears
Smiling faces I can see everywhere
The city’s shining so bright
Like a lonesome star in the dark
You are the wish of my longing heart
The gift of a special night
With the eyes of a child
I take a look deep inside the chest of wonders
Filled with your touch and tenderness
I know I will love you always
Because you are my little Christmas rose
The magic flame inside of my heart of hopes
Together we walk the path of secrets
To fall in endless love near the tree of angels
Behind the gate of Milky Way clouds

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