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Cinnamon Bear ©

I wrote this a wee while ago for a lady who told me that she still had her childhood teddy bear.
She named it...Cinnamon Bear.
She told me he has shoe button eyes.
Her grandchild now plays with the bear.
Bear has been around for quite a while.

Graham Donachie
Victoria, Canada

Once upon a far-off time
when fairies danced to laughing jigs
and lovers swirled in heady dance
and love was given ‘mongst barley rigs,
A girl child was born

and to her side to hush her cries
came...a cinnamon bear with shoe button eyes.

Once upon a bairn's life
when play was fun and laughing loud
and hopscotch hopping did she go
and squealing screaming in the crowd,
And when into her dream time bed,

he watched over her sleepy sighs,
her cinnamon bear with his shoe button eyes.

Once upon a first love new
when strange and lovely life was known
and love was shared in youth’s embrace
and lovely sacred seeds were sown,
in the comfort of her maiden room,

she shared the wherefore and the whys
with her cinnamon bear with the shoe button eyes.

Once upon a pregnant pause
when family, friends and neighbours prayed
whilst suffering with her love’s first born
the babe in swaddling love it lay
and when the babe did gently sleep,

she crept unto the tender care
in the shoe button eyes of her cinnamon bear.

Once upon a passing day
when weeks turn months to lengthy years
she celebrated, daughter and a son
and through the laughter and the tears,
when life was hectic,

she found a loving comfort there
in the shoe button eyes of her cinnamon bear.

Once upon a grannie’s luve
when skirling, birling grandson girns
when bubblin’ laughter frae him spills
she shaks her nod at his bairnie tirns
and hushing him to gentle sleep,

She looks down upon her loving pair
Her grandchild and her cinnamon bear.

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