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Cool Dude! ©

Hamish M Anstruther
Every 12 minutes in the UK one of our young people between the age of 18 - 24 attempts to commit suicide. The vast majority of them are male! The effect on our society is incalculable.

Cool Dude!,
"Hey, Jude!"
Beatle's song has sung.

Cool Dude!,
Leave could,
To his mother clung.

Cool Dude!,
So rude,
Has a filthy tongue.

Cool Dude!,
Junk food,
Just because he's young.

Cool Dude!,
Foul mood,
When other dudes among.

Cool Dude!,
Wash should,
Smells like farmer's dung!

Cool Dude!,
Alone stood,
Mobile never rung.

Cool Dude!,
Smoke would,
Now has poisoned lung.

Cool Dude!,
No good,
Always took a 'bung'.

Cool Dude!,
Bad 'hood',
Honest people stung.

Cool Dude!,
Dark wood,
By himself hung!

Cold Dude!,
Lying nude,
Mother's hands wrung!

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