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Dunderheid ©

Bruce Clark Dick
Forfar, Scotland

"Dunderheid, dinnae kick open the door,
You've skelt a the schuil books
A ower the floor."

"Nou pick them up neatly, an nae mair o that,
Go an staund in the corner,
An aye, pit on thon tall pointy hat.
Staund richt up in the corner
Well oot o yer pal's reach.
I've students, an scholars
Crying oot fir me to teach."

"Ye've stuid there fir an oor
So come on in, an sit on doun,
Not at the back o the classroom
At the front, ye wee buffoon."

"So that yir in ma vision
An I can keep ma eye on you,
While we're daein logarithms
You'll do the two times two."

Thirty years hae passed, since I last see'd that lad
Fir a dunderheid, he hasnae done so bad,
His best pal Wullie's a blacksmith,
An bonnie Jeannie's a braw wee seamster,
Wha thocht, that the dunderheid, wid go an mak Prime Meenester.

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