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Elementary ©

Lucia Mussollini
Edinburgh, Scotland

Silence cuts through the dank air
Where movement used to be
Emptiness and joylessness
Where love used to live free
Space is what you wanted
That's all you're ever going to see
'Cos I have been grounded
Upon the island, in your me sea
Anger is an emotion I have known since birth
Betrayal is the notion that can only exist where there's love
A euphemism for lust and an excuse for variety
The raft floats freely, cut from the beautiful palm tree
No idea of union can ever be in your head
Even when we were sweating, intimate in your bed
A means to an end, a business transaction
Just for such an elementary kind of satisfaction
And memories we could've shared, dreams that were once aired
Are empty and discarded like a wank in the air

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