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Feeling You, Feeling Me ©
When Love means Life, and vice-versa...

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

Labour of Love I am breathing deep inside you,
Can't feel the cold, only your warmth and morning dew...
All around me, million voices from many worlds
Are echoing - singing to me, ivory pearls.

Labour of Life I am growing deep inside you,
Can't see the light, only your love and my curfew...
In my bubble I feel so safe I'm in your womb,
A butterfly in the waiting in its cocoon.

Labour of God I am moving deep inside you,
Can't touch the world, only your love...for me it's new.
My little limbs like in turmoil will not keep still,
I've got to kick, to make you know I'm made of steel.

Labour of Tears I am shouting deep inside you,
Can't hear their fears, only your pain that is long due.
...Want to get out - to see your eyes, to feel your skin!
I know your voice, laughter, sorrow...Don't you give in!

Labour of Joy you're freeing me from inside you,
Can't taste the world, only your joy in this venue.
All around me alien hands wrap me away,
Like a kitten in a new home I'll find my way.

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