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The foot and mouth poetry from around the village of Kirkpatrickfleming.
Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

Countryside Viewpoint/ Tommy ©

The anguish, the churning I feel within
a look at the Papers-Political spin
all of us farmers blamed for this mess
no thought for our families suffering distress

they're splitting the Nation-sell a few papers more
in time for Election to us farmers it's sore
it's all for the tourists-they're spreading this blight
field open to walkers by God given right

what will happen to us farming folk
a finger is pointing it must be a joke
we've heard them say the plague is all gone
no Compensation given it's all been a con

The Fires/Rob's Wife ©

Thir's fires here a'burnin thir's eight a'roon oor hoose
thir's nae chance wull move fae here thi plague is scattered loose
thi smoke gits in everywhur it sticks tae awe oor claise
it's in thi very air we breath an lees us in a daze
thi taste o it gits everywhur in awe thi things wi eat
wae skin an bone sae odious it's tainted awe oor meat
an thae burds ur a'chirpin gorgin awe that meat
sate-in awe thir hungir, bloated on thir feet
Awe God please help us this bunch o border folk
wur awe in this thi githir an it's naw a bludy joke.

Vultures/ A Common View ©

We're Vultures, Vultures, up in the trees
rustle up cash we're here to please
gathering here just for the feast,
get your wallets out now we're here for the beast
all of your animals to put in a hole,
so don't cut us a share we're taking it whole
don't talk of suffering we're here to gloat,
dig that hole deeper and make it a moat
for all the blood and guts we've scattered around
if your looking for Vultures we're here to be found.

Those Birds/Shona ©

We blame thi starlins fir spreading thi scourge
thi sky wis jist black thir wis thousands o birds
an that plague jist hoppt all aboot
nae rhyme or reason kid wi fathom it oot
first this ferm here jist ow-er thi fence
thin ow-er that dyke thir wis nae defence
that man there, aye, he escaped thi thing
whur did it cum frae whae brought it in
aye, thae ur thi questions we'd like tae know
but wurds frae thae Inspectors is cummin real slow.

Murderers/Evelyn ©

Murderer! Murderer! Murdering men
A wish A kid name awe thit A ken
whaes murdered awe thae healthy kye an sheep
yi murdering men how kin yi sleep?
whin yi stood amang awe thit blood an gore
diz it naw bothir yir concious waantin jist more
dae yi stan in thi queue wi awe thi rest
wir yir penny in blood-money awe spent in jest

A View Tae Kill/Rob ©

thi tears ur runnin doon ma face,
this killin here's a damn disgrace
oh let's thank God am no yin o thae men
thit fires thit bolt thit kills thim yi ken
sum o thim guns ur ey auld fir thi job
an thim kye in thi queue jist a quivirin blob
whin thit kye sees a freend jist drap at hur feet
sheer terror she feels gaes a dance tae retreat
thir must bi a mair humane way
o killin thae kye; if A hud ma sae
a single pellet in an auld shotgun
wid hae kilt thim deed naw hae thim run
whin A sat here an watcht yon man
fire in five bludy bolts afore it's gan
an thim men left here in thur workin claise
naw stoppin tae wash, nae disinfection fir days
Aye, as A sit here in ma shovellin machine
A see mair killin thin A've ever seen
A'm share yid greet if yi wur in ma place
see'n awe this glower in front o ma face.

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