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From Darkness to Light ©

Andrea R M Fletcher

She has felt the wretchedness of your mysterious wrath
Dance around her, mounted your dill with flare
Slowly, slowly you consume her with the fury
Of your weapon, it is tasteless, painful, she is hurt
She remembers too clearly your madness
She was there when you slumped her
Slumped her down low; she slumped like a dead chicken
As blood ran cold in her veins, she wants to die
Die slowly; as she drifted into space, she sees no more
Of your fury, that once consumed her, no more
Heaven is near, yes, very near, she has reached
The internal of Godly dwellings, for her no more pain
The hell that once consumed her is way in a distance
She breathes shallowly and slowly
Slowly, and slowly you still tried to consume her
Butůvisible in her eyes saw what her mind dreamt
She is running, running, as fast as she can
You will not devour her, she is your past, and she remembered you
You remembered her, she was drowning, and you sank her head
She asked for help, you gave her hell, you.
Is she your foe, and train on the play station track?
And maybe still a comrade and story
Your power is intense, she is fragile, and for you to badger her
Just where it hurt, in her back with a stiletto heel, her foe
Her invisible foe, she loved you though
Butůshe sprints frantically on a track with timeless speed
No! You will not consume her, she runs from your madness
As you approach, stampeding, trying to consume her
And so that she will be left pondering,
Asking what she did, when she feels like a fool
No! She will not be left to cry silent tears of mayhem, for you, her invisible foe
Was she your foe, when you tried to destroy her, and she remained strong throughout?
You have asked her to conceal her lips, and so she has done
She has not echoed a sound, speechless, speechless and tucked away like a trophy
The picture is clear, her existence is near, and she is aware
No! You will not consume her, how clearly she remembers your psychosis.

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