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Goverments don't know Best ©

Jonn Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

The earth is like one big football, And on it lots of teams
I'm sure we can all love one another, To help each realise our dreams
Instead we would rather fight and kill, Than make the world just great
Why do the teams on Earth prefer to live with jealousy and hate?

The earth is one big football and not many now are teams
And yet so many hate each other and like to shatter each other's dreams
Why can't the teams get along with each other?
Why must there be war all the time?............ that's not great.
Just because of religions......... they just seem to create more hate.

I don't think there are any Gods, and man is most to blame
And they would rather have the jealousy and blame a religious name

Why must our governments think that a war will end a great big battle?
Why can't we just stick THEM all in a field, and let THEM fight like cattle?

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