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Great Expectations ©
(A Sonnet)

Through the years Poets have been expressing themselves in iambic pentameter, in the time honoured format of a traditional sonnet. The subject matter usually being some frivolous romantic exchange between a loving couple. This is my modest contribution.

Thomas Matthew Edgar
Melbourne, Australia

First she told me that she would,
then she said "No way!"
I asked her why she'd changed her mind,
she said "I think you're gay."

"Not gay, but happy." I replied,
with sunny disposition.
"I'm really quite a macho guy."
She eyed me with suspicion.

"You wear a skirt, may I express,
an inch above your knee."
"My kilt!" I said, "My national dress,
you know my name's McGee."

"No knickers either I'll confess,
I'll show you for a fee."

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