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Guid New Year 2008 tae een an' a' ©

James Mutch Crockett
Hong Kong, China

Michty me Hogmanay is jist aroon the corner,
An' 'abody is gan aboot wae a grin as lang as the Dee,
Nae winter cal' ner heapit sna' 'ill keep the revellers hame,
Ther'll be chappin on yer door the-nicht jist you wait an' see.

C'mon ye doric warblers,
Lets hear yer New Years droll,
Strut oot an' dae yer first fittin',
An' dinna ferget yer lump o' coal

C'mon ye cliver Lads and Lassies,
Get yer pencils oot,
An' tell the poets a' o'er the warld,
Fit Aiberdeens aboot!

Lets' a' hae a special Guid New Year,
The Best een we've iver hid,
Did I hear somebody say, "A Million quid?"
C'mon then...gae us anither bid!

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