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Tri Tran
California, USA

The sinners were here, among the innocent.

The heart of Madrid exploded,
A pool of crimson tears glimmered in darkness...
Each individual, forever, slept in their glassy home.

The heart of New York exploded;
Its valves, shattered into tiny debris,
Each ventricle, a bitter ocean without waves.

The heart of London exploded.
The wounded Thames trembled like a frightened child;
The cries of the young finches died down.

The heart of Amman exploded.
Above, the sky smeared auburn paint;
The night became day, without sunshine.

The Earth, now, on fire.
Each continent, cremated without good byes,
Each nation wept in silence while their wails vibrated the Galaxy.

Inside my tiny universe, the arteries and veins shrunk.

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