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Highland Dreams ©

Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

I close my eyes
And see the green hills
The warm summer rain kisses my long black hair
The raindrops fall softly and sweet from the Edinburgh sky
But my memories were so far away
I see your sweet little smile
And your eyes shine
They twinkle in moonlight so bright
You took my breath away
The ground under my feet is shaking
It's true I love
You are my sweet little highland rose
You are my sweet sunshine
My destiny is written in the winds of dreams
I see the north shores
And see us sail to the seas of love
Together hand in hand we will walk through our lifetime
You're my sweet little highland dream
The blooming heather
And the flower of Scotland's heart
I will gave you my heart as a gift of my true love
Let us see the Glens and sing a song from the bonny banks of Loch Muir
You're my love, you're the wildest dream
My little Scottish highland dream
And I will always love you

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