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Hope in a Storm ©

Note of the authoress: Again this is a rhyme in my own language. I know translation doesn’t make it better and I only can hope that it still means something to you.
Thank you! ~ S N R

Sonja Nic Rafferty

When harsh frosts freeze up hope
And at the same time decorate windowpanes
Amazed, I notice joys and sorrows
Unconcerned drawing ever nearer to each other

When drought devastates my plan
And I live in an emotional feverish delusion
Let me plant a new tree of hope
Right away watering with the future dream

When the storm shakes the trees
And rattles my peace of mind
I am dreaming of a miracle future land
With soft dunes by an extensive beach

When a thunderstorm washes my native soil
And the air for breathing feels cold
An enchanting sparkle in the rain glitters,
Escorts me on rough roads to success

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