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I'll Always Love You ©

Heather Chanel
Suffolk, England

We went our separate ways
and now I can't stop crying,
I've nothing left to feel,
to stop my soul from dying.

I feel so bad, I feel so sad,
there's nothing I can do,
Nothing in the world could show,
how much I'm missing you.

You always seemed to make me smile,
no matter what you did or said,
but now that happy feeling's gone,
and now my heart and soul are dead.

Even when things happen that
my soul can hardly bare,
I'll reminisce on old times,
that we used to share.

There'll always be a place for you,
Right here in my heart,
but it's time for me to recognise,
that we are now apart.

And now it's time for me,
to say my sad goodbye,
I loved you then, I love you now,
I'll love you 'till I die!

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