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In Days Lang Syne ©

John J Turner Sen.
Glasgow, Scotland

Back in days lang syne
Did we no' huv a hell of a time
Fur ah wis yours an you wur mine
Way back in thae days lang syne.

Always at a party or a dance
Or through the park we'd prance
Never believing that chance
Would ever spoil our romance.

Back in days lang syne
Wis it no' a perfect time
When ah wis yours an you were mine
Way back in days lang syne.

Then a sea of troubles fell
Dashing all our hopes to hell
Everyone it seems could tell
That our love was not well.

Since thae days lang syne
The sun it has refused tae shine
Fur ah'm nae yours an' your nae mine
How ah wish for thae days lang syne.

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