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Innocence Could be a Sin ©

Waleed Omar
Fayoum, Egypt

Tears this night forced me to go and hide,
I didn't want anybody to find,

I spent the whole night crying,
As if I was dying,
Your face reddened by blood,
Your tears were like a flood,
Like the one who groan,
Your tears make me a miser groom,

Your tears snapped my heart,
I can feel blood floods out this part,
please, cry no more,
You're crying?...then I am nothing to cry for,
If I make you cry,
Then I deserve to die,

But how can death be a punishment,
While I longed for death so as to get that achievement,
Please, remember that view,
Where the last time I saw you,
Remember the fields, with sunset, where you run,
Remember the bridge and that view you have done,
We can flee away,
Because I want you not to part away,
I need you here to stay,
I can see no other bay,
I can see hope in a little ray,
Just remember that speech,
And how much our love can reach,

I know it's locked like ash,
Trust me we can do it,
Just wait a little bit,
And please before I depart,
Don't forget forgiving that lover's heart,
And remember I am coming again,
I promise there will be no pain.
Are my last words

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