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Insect ©

Stewarton, Scotland

Whatís got: six legs, four eyes, and scales instead of skin?
It puzzles me, but there it is, raking through my bin
It doesnít think Iíve seen it, gulp, I wish that it was right
Itís a scary creepy crawly whom I wouldnít wish to fight

Itís finished with the bin for now, perhaps the picking's poor
Oh no, itís gone on walk about: itís decided on the tour
Itís weaving through the carpet on its way to God knows where
I know it knows Iíve seen it 'cause itís fixed me with a stare

And now itís getting closer, Iím afraid, I will admit
I can see it's got antennae, oh, I hope they donít transmit
The last thing that I want to do is meet its scary chums
A nightmare thought, to set my teeth, a rattling in my gums

I suppose Iíll have to battle it, to show it whoís in charge
But itís not a fight I relish 'cause itís frankly rather large
It knows a fight is coming; itís prepared to make a stand
I think this monster insect wants to wrestle hand to hand

Alas I have a better plan, and I know what I must do
Iíll just creep up behind it and Iíll squash it with my shoe
Tut tut, my friend you gazed at me, with thoughts of me as lunch
So I land my foot upon its back with a crushing crispy crunch

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