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Insomniac ©

John J Turner Sen.
Glasgow, Scotland

I read the book
Till the page begins to blur
Then laying it down
I turn off the light
The turquoise coloured walls
Take on a different hue
Lit by the street lamp
Shining in my window.

Laying there I listen
To the sounds of the night
The laughter filling my room
Comes from neighbours across the way
The odd car sounds more
Like a twenty-ton truck
It amazes me the fact
That the nights are rarely silent.

Switching on my radio
I lower the volume
To the merest whisper
Still it seems too loud
The cheery night jockey
Plays a wide variety of music
Inevitably he plays that song
The one I think of as yours.

So sweet are the memories
Those musical strains evoke
That I can feel you here
Close by my side
I can see your smiling face
Smell your favourite perfume
That music, those memories
Lull me at last to a peaceful sleep.

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