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In The Soul Of Me ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

Precious petals kiss the breeze.
Sweetest blossom in the trees.
Birds are singing, sky is blue.
All that I can see is you..

Nature's wonders all around.
You're the only joy I've found.
All the sunsets can't compare,
to precious feelings that we share.

Something stirs among the trees,
petals blowing in the breeze.
Once again I see your face,
and leave behind a lonely place.

In the garden I will rest,
and know that I am heaven blessed.
Sweetest rose you kiss my days,
and touch my heart in tender ways.

I'll sink into your arms again.
My heart will sing a sweet refrain.
I wonder if you ever see,
you're in the very soul of me.

Picked my soul up off the ground.
Spread your magic all around.
I don't want rubies, diamonds, gold.
Just tender lips and hands to hold.

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