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It's Called FAITH! ©

Mystery Rose

You question me for answers,
but I have none for you
We march to different music;
We hear a different drum
You talk too much, why don't you give it a rest
What I feel for you, please don't put it to a test

I want you more than your questions
Or the answers I may give
For my heart is the key that unlocks the doors
to the past of heartaches that surrounds your world

Come sit beside me, we don't need to talk
Just sit beside me and rest your walk

Together we can make music of all different sounds
It no longer will matter if it's your song or mine
Just hold me tonight through the dark's light
We will be together through this total eclipse of the night

Come, let me hold you
come let me help you see
That you matter a great deal to me

It's not what you are wearing
or what you do out there
it's more of what words can not ever compare

To any magic that people cast
Or the lover's vows that they said in the past
You promise me roses
You promise me things
material things are not what I need

Without words you come to me
I do believe now you finally see
the breaking of a new day
and mending of our dreams

Understand each other
try time and time again
the magic of love is in the feelings
and the magic of amends

Together we make a pattern, for life has given us a chance
To be with each other
Hand in hand
We won't build our tomorrows on the pain of yesterday
We will build it together and nothing will stand in our way

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