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Killing Me Once Again ©

Lucia Mussollini
Edinburgh, Scotland

Beautiful, beautiful man
Outstretched, there, on our common land
I wonder, when you are near
If it's happiness, we could share
Or heartache, like before
Which broke and tore
My fragile, aching heart
A love never returned, never shared
A love so unrequited, it scared
Do you lie there to make me aware
Of what I cannot have, to taunt me once more
Or is it to prove you already belong
For as long as I care
And when your face is a breath from hers
Is it to show me your embrace, your loving kiss
Your dedication, commitment and loyalty
To what you care for, in comparison to what I can't have
Is it to kill me, destroy me
With jealous hatred, insane cruelty
I only loved you, wanted and needed you
Not to destroy you
But you never knew me
And now you lie there outstretched, stretched out
Killing me once again

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