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Lake of Golden Tears ©

Mike Barclay
Münster, Germany

The elegy of sweet embrace
Kissed by the dovetail of wishes
I live near the borderline
Of your forgotten dreams
Let me see the world with your leaves eyes
The fire emblem touches my skin
My armour is made by silent force
We reach the end of the story light
I paint my face
Like a tear of a fallen rose
Woven with silk and velvet longings
My heart cries near the lake, of golden tears
There is a secret
Born near the forest of elves and tales
I’m standing on the hill
The wind strokes through my hair
Where the wild heather grows
The land of my birth
Whispers lonely in the nights
Softly are the voices
Like an angel's tenderness
We ride the silver beams
To kiss the Mountains and Glens
My Scottish Rose
Once I will meet you again
With the pride of a lonely Highlander
So take care of my secrets
And my chest of timeless wishes

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