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Last Days - Tribulation ©

Steve Sheridan
Killarney Vale

As darkness sweeps across and within each hemisphere
And clouds of heavy matter that hold all pending fear
Coalesce to form deliberation of final self denial
Consuming every parasite the measure from each vial

Anguish sets a course through related pressure points
Surging to the surface inflaming boils along its joints
Bringing forth internally substance soured in time
Leaving scars as layering in memory of some crime

Anger fuels intolerance with trembling the outside
Convulsing pains tempered with tears of being denied
Escaping equanimity amidst darkening of the day
Despair drives its motive to feel and then obey

Eyes that swell in sorrow the pit of black remorse
Seeking penance to the end observed by ghostly force
Blindness now removes itself exposing truth in weight
Burdening deeds converted a chance to alter fate

Charging with omnipotence to cut all ties of woe
Dividing with precision a harvest from the sow
Compassion stirred in pain to the hand of reconcile
Casting out all certainty harbours of the guile

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