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June Farrell
Ayr, Scotland

In the darkness of the night
Is where I live
In the darkness of my loneliness
Where no love lies
In the sunlight of the day
I hide my empty heart away
My heart yearns
As my arms burn
My shoulders heavy
With the loneliness I've found
When will it end?
How did the years pass me by?
Where has life gone?
When will the hurt die?
In the loneliness I've found
I feel the pain
I feel the pain of my mind
My body fills with pain
I walk an empty road
With empty sights and sounds
When will darkness end?
Maybe in the darkness of the night.
Where there is no light
Only the pain of being alone
No sights no sounds
Just the loneliness I've found
Maybe he will come
Maybe Iíll wait
What's another day
Between friends
In this empty life of mine

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