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(what it is to me)

Lynita Goldman
Turks and Caicos Islands

Love is when you really care about someone.
Love is when your time for 'sweet-hearting' others is done.
Love is when no one else in the world could ever take your place,
Love is when all the memories of things you do can't be erased.

Love is when you're crying after you and your mate had a fight.
Love is when you really don't want your mate in sight.
Love is when you can't see your mate, so they're a big miss.
Love is when you really need some affection and a lil kiss.

Love is when you whisper something sweet in your mate's ear,
Especially those three words they like to hear.
Love is when you will do anything for your mate,
Love is when others really start to 'player-hate'.

Love is when you can't get that person off your mind,
Because that's the person you've always dreamt you'd find.
Love is when you're both happy together.
Love is when nothing in this world but you really matter.

Love is like a burning flame that will last eternally.
Love is when you're feelings are locked-up and that person has the key.
Love is when you seem to be diving in a sky blue ocean.
If you think deep about it, you can really feel the motion.

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