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Love, if I could but find, those words anew. Sonnet. ©

Shaw o' Inchrory
Cheshire, England

If could thou love, those single words portray
in thoughts, own ordinary reasoned way.

Where word, with hopes own hand produce
from freedoms invert self induce
to seek as athwart assent of the soul,
those loves in ever-searching hope, enrol.

Their place thereon those promised pages, bear
true hope's desires, such drive so needs to share
to give the gift that only love of others can,
where so, two meet, and souls may scan.

As true ether of tenderness entwine
sweet amorous aromas, bear forth thy wine
for auras thy ambiance, a truer pleasance glow
such semblance late surround me, loves presence, you I know.

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