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Mists of Time ©

Malcolm Beaton
Stirling, Scotland

My thoughts wander forever through the mists of time,
searching for the one who is the missing part of me.
The wind blows through the trees whispering her name,
each fluttering leaf moves as if waving to say goodbye.

In my heart I know she is forever like the wind,
moving elusively and yet I must continue forever onwards.
My mind never sleeping, my thoughts never stopping,
she is my dream, my heart, my life never ending.

I have reached so near yet still been so far away,
feeling her breathing, her chest moving in rhythm to mine.
Her hair lying on my arms, her breath on my face,
the sweet smell of her body, I reach to hold her.

My arms embrace her, my lips reach to her and that kiss,
but again I awake and we are no longer there, the mists move on.
I stand on my mountain the 'king of the glens', and she?
Soars forever in the sky out of my reach, an eagle of gold.

There is a time to come where the sun pushes away the mists,
the moon closes out the sun and again for ever we are one.
Until that time I search forever onwards, my dreams getting nearer,
and I can hear you calling me through the skies.

The dreams push us, and we move, our destination calling,
across the Highlands we move to our homeland of Skye.
The mists roll across sea from the Isle, calling us, calling us,
our hearts yearn to go and I hear you call me, and I swim.

Your wings of gold spread, leading me through the mist
and my heart gains strength with each stroke
till again my feet touch the shores of our home.
Our time is near, my heart beats with emotion.

My speed carries me as if I too have wings
the wild mountain thyme and heather a blur beneath my feet.
We are here, we are in our place, the mists roll away
and we stand together waiting.

The sun reaches down holding us to our place.
Tears fall as the moon reaches forward darkening the sun
and we change, we turn and we are whole
our hands reaching out for each other.

The breeze brings to our ears the music that has forever been playing
and we have taken our song and lasted our journey.
Where the angels have walked, we have conquered.
We have gained forever our eternal love, two are now one and will never part.

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