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Monsters ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

There are monsters that are hairy.
And monsters that are green.
There are monsters that are scary.
And some that are so mean.

Some of them are very large.
Others are quite small.
Some have arms that are really long.
And some that like to crawl.

There are monsters that hide under beds.
And try to grab your legs.
There are monsters who hide in closets.
And pull your hair instead.

Some like to come in to our dreams
And scare us half to death.
Showing us their horrible teeth,
smelling their bad breath.

Don't let them get inside your head.
When you start to dream.
'Cause if you do,
The monsters there,
Will really make you scream.

The monsters they all go away.
When the morning comes.
The monsters know that in the day.
We will not succumb.

In the daytime we are safe,
Until the darkness falls.
Then the monsters reappear.
And creep behind our walls.

So when you go to sleep at night.
And go into your bed.
Make sure you leave the light on.
So they keep out of your head.

The light will keep you safe from harm,
all shimmering nice and bright.
With little stars around it,
glowing in the night.

They like the darkness best you see.
And will stay away.
The light will send them packing.
And they won't come out to play.

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