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Mother's Love ©

Kev Sanders
Leicester, England

A new born baby starts to cry
his mother smiles and wipes a tear from his eye
she is his defender, he will come to no harm
the world is dangerous, but her world is calm
those screams of life echo round the room
no longer safe within her womb
it's now her job has just begun
to protect his life, to protect her son
she will watch him crawl and hear him talk
see him grow and encourage him to walk
in between this her eyes will be ever open
looking for imposters that have yet to be woken
in all shapes and sizes they will knock at the door
most will be banished to a world of no more
but some will get through and stand in the hall
laughing and joking, wishing him to fall
sometimes he has to, that's how he'll learn
and many times his fingers will burn
but by his side his mum will stand
picking him up and holding his hand
dusting him down and kissing his cheek
as he looks to her for answers he seeks
day by day and night by night
his mum ever knowing she will lose the fight
at some point he will fly far from the nest
away from those arms that have loved and caressed
she has made him ready for the rest of his days
on life's lonely path, one long winding maze
each corner lies danger but he'll take what he's learnt
each passing year his fingers less burnt
a family he'll have all to himself
to pray all is well and all in good health
when he looks back on his own life in years
he will remember his mum but none of her fears
as on her shoulders his troubles were kept
and secretly for him many days she wept
but in his eyes a giant she stood
like only a mother surely would
the bond they had will never ever die
as he wipes a tear from his own eye.

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