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My Love ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

I think of you in silence and I often say your name
And all I have is memories and a photo in a frame
I miss you in the mornings of each and every day
And I miss you in the evenings as the daylight fades away

I promise I'd do better, and I promise I'd do well
Only time could be the healer and only time could ever tell

Each day I spend without you, my memories they cling
I miss you for a thousand loving little things
My heart is full of sorrow..... feelings of regret
But the heart that always loves you.. is a heart that won't forget
They said in time I'd forget..... to some that may be true
But not a day begins or ends without a thought of you

I promise I will do better I promise I would do well
Only time can be a healer only time can tell

Tomorrow is another day, but tomorrow never really comes
I think of all our yesterdays and all the things we had done
I think of all the troubles.. the heartaches... the pain
And my days now without you will we ever love again

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