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My Tower of Love Song ©

Gerard McCabe
Emden, Germany

if I could go through fire.
walk on barbed wire.
turn back the hands of time.
change water into wine.
all of this, for you.
and more I'd do for you.
you who took me in
ignoring mortal sin.
gave me warmth gave me shelter.
life's carrousel went helter skelter.
you my one and only desire,
who set my heart on fire.
dried teardrop ridden eyes,
with mortal ties.
gently, oh, so gently
gave me sanity.
you are in my thoughts
and in my prayers.
you who can do no wrong.
my tower of love song.
we who lie as one entwined.
regardless of mankind.
true love we have defined.
you are the one.
the only one

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