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Nae Dosh, Nae Shoes - The Poor Man's Blues: ©

(written after a temporary period of unemployment in Glasgow, summer, 1985)
Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

I'm lookin' noo for work an' cash,
Their absence man I needna fash
Wi' flapp'd holey shoes:
When hopefu'ness is plough'd elate
An' lines o' bureaucratic state
Encage the Scottish Muse -
Ye've got tae sell yer soul an' a'
An' crawl thro' every hoop;
Yer check'd an' chokitt wi' the 'law'
An' thrown intae the soup.
The goal noo; the Dole noo;
A fit is on ma kneck;
Sign the line; act like swine,
Tae get a Girocheque!

They'd bring back hangin' if they could
Or clamp us in yon stocks o wood,
Wha's crime is being poor;
But when they need tae build a road,
Or fight an enemy abroad
They're knockin' on the door!
We're conned an' duped; kept in oor place
By rules we didna make;
They tell us wan thing tae oor face,
Then promises they break.
But joost pause; are the laws
Design'd for common guid?
Gapin' Greed, wins o'er Need
An' sucks oor vital bluid!

The various man kens himsel
That values are the source an' well
That wisdom can impart;
That truth, it is a sword o fire;
That honesty, must ay inspire
The mind's link frae the heart!
But why so many debase life
And fellow-creatures damn?
The dance o' money ripples strife
Destroying civil calm.
Aye, status - has beat us;
We're dancin' drunk on greed;
We're lost noo; an' cost noo,
Is well past all remead!

O ye wha are the rich an' great
Wha turn an' steer the Scottish state
Tae swell yer ain wallet;
Yer principles are sold an' bought
In status, rank or titles' lot
After every ballot!
Ambition's price is compassion,
Submerged along the way;
Cold-heartedness is the fashion
Where powerbrokers play.
Sae, rise then, ye Scotsmen,
Corruption, for tae slay
Freedom starts, honest hearts,
This thistle-bloomin day.

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