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Nasty E's ©

George Wotherspoon
Perth, Scotland

Seeing Frogs in dresses,
and Sparrows made of cheese,
Should have taken aspirin,
Not these nasty E's

Think my name is Susan,
I'm sure I live in trees,
Wet myself whilst spreading jam,
on caterpillars knees,

Thinking now I'm better,
I take a drink or two,
Hoping that it's water,
It's rum and Irn-Bru,

Now I'm gangster trippin,
I've Bridies for my eyes,
Seeing is believing,
but I don't believe in pies,

Everyone has no hands,
They want to steal my own,
No one move, I've made this bomb,
From wool and acetone,

Now it's lit, we're damned now,
To die like pigs on skis,
Bomb goes off, my head explodes,
I should have left the E's

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