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June Farrell
Ayr, Scotland

I was just drinking my tea
and missed my mouth
Sat here now gulping for breath
You're a naughty lad
and let it be said
you have been warned
So get to bed
What do I do?
with a bad boy like you
you're awake
so shake your head
stars are in the sky
and not in your eye
so cut out the twinkle
or get a black eye
Off to the pub
what did I say?
you're a bad lad
and not just today
So no more messing
tired you said
so off bed
And play anther day
Good night God bless
May your dreams come true?
Coz what can I do
with a naughty boy like you
As I shake my head and smile
At a loving little lad
So good night
And god bless
And love you to XX

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