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Neu Resolution ©

Marc R. Sherland
Glasgow, Scotland

I hae givín scant thocht tae mak wise resolve
Ma cup is aye fu, or tumult oan its duds
Fertune is oft bubbles blaen wi soap suds
That oan reflection like scrubbed stains dissulve.
So here I am, at tha yearís pivotin,
Breengin in ma luck, wi a few clase freends,
An oí paest misdeeeds tryin tae mak ammends
Wi faest footwerk, fancy pirouetin.
Itís time tae tak stock, not play tha deft Jock
Tae weigh aip gains an valuate losses
Luik fer hopeís socht gold that wis jist herd rock
That in ma way, wi rose glesses, tosses
Thaen spy tha root oí evil in this dock,
Pess sentence, Not Proven, ere it tick tock.

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