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Nobody Wins ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

Why? Oh, why, in this world of today,
can we not settle our anger in a peaceful way?
The bomb and the bullet are not the answer,
So many lives lost, it is just a cancer.
It's always the innocent who have to pay,
as the gunman and the bomber have their say.
Nobody wins, though many lives are lost,
But no one takes time to count the cost.
People left homeless, but nobody cares,
stand up to the bombers, but nobody dares.
The gunmen and the bombers have a code of their own,
join our fight or you stand alone.
But ask what they fight for, the answer's not plain,
they fight for a cause, but the cause has no name.
No one has the answer when this madness will cease,
Governments seek talks to bring lasting peace.
But the gunmen and the bombers make many demands,
which cannot be met as they are so out of hand.
So the talking goes on with no side giving ground,
a peaceful solution just cannot be found.
Let us hope they keep talking and a solution is won.
Please, God, don't let them go back to the bomb and the gun.

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