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One Nation ©

Stewarton, Scotland

I don't know why we're feeling tense
It doesn't make an ounce of sense
Paranoia tinged with fear
Fuddled minds that's far from clear

Devoid of trust, our nations' leaders
Spoon out lies on which they feed us
Media spewing bile and rage
Scandal dripped from every page

Enemies found at every turn
Our way of life about to burn
Be suspicious of the stranger
Lest your nation be in danger

From distant lands in droves they travel
Society's fabric to unravel
But be aware of all that hype
And give your fevered brow a wipe

The machine that grinds out all this hate
Worked apace, alarming rate
The nation caught between two stools
We turn out like irrational fools

Forget our land of multi-culture
Ethnic division, the plan to nurture
Self defeating, withered core
They've won without a foot on shore

I do not like what we've become
Marching to a nationalist's drum
Have faith, people, in your fellow
Ignore the slanderous racist bellow

All the nations of the Earth
Unite together, give peace birth
Family members sometimes wild
The terrorist just an errant child

Religion and Race will be our relations
Collective humanity, an end to all nations
We shall unite, that is our fate
We'll shackle war, imprison hate

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