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On the Trail of the Erne ©

...Where eagles fly there is beauty.

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

The gentle flow of River Spey,
Home of the pike and the dipper -
Slithering grass snake in heather;
Kissed by spring sun throughout the day.

Mighty Cairn Gorm in early May,
Against your flanks rufous feathers
Glide in the wind - awesome wonders,
Beyond the glens and stacks of hay.

Above Scots pines circling away,
The silhouette of a raptor -
High in the sky my eyes wander...
Rothiemurchus, gold on a tray!

The brisk flow of River Etive,
Home of the trout and the wagtail -
Kissed by the wind, the snow and hail...
In April sun, true life you heave.

The grazing deer wouldn't believe,
Amidst bracken there is a trail...
Against talons the hare looks frail;
Anger and death he must relieve.

Of the Highlands you are native -
Your solitude to see so plain...
My heart is set in the fast lane;
Against feathers, so primitive.

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